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Precision Marketing Solutions is a privately held integrated media, marketing and public relations company. We operate high-traffic websites in a variety of markets and harness the power of direct domain name navigation to enhance users’ online experiences. We also help small businesses, corporations and non-profit organizations deliver messages that penetrate the noise and clutter of American life, and reach their intended audience in the most efficient way possible. Whether you’re just starting-out or are firmly established, Precision Marketing can help boost your global profile. E-Mail us to learn more about the ways in which we can help you right now.  Click here to learn more about us

Public Relations

Got a great website, business, product, or organization? Wish more people knew about it? Precision Marketing Solutions, Inc. can get you noticed online, in print, on television and on the radio. We've got the expertise, the contacts and the tenacity to win you the results you seek...

Website Consultations

Interested in taking your website to the next level? Your website looks great, but... How are your search engine rankings? Is traffic to your website steadily increasing? Do visitors remain on your site or do they "bounce" off within seconds? How many of your website visitors become paying customers?

Contact us

Precision Marketing Solutions
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Phone: 1.877.7OFFICE
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Today's marketing environment is more challenging than ever before with competing messages hitting consumers at every turn, in every environment, in every medium, around the clock...

Search Engine Optimization

Everybody these days is an SEO “expert.” And these so-called “experts” are charging website owners tens of thousands of dollars for ongoing work that produces very few results. At Precision Marketing Solutions, our approach is simple. We review your site and analyze it using what we know about Google, Yahoo and the other search engines...

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